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Simplicity is a St George Utah real estate group that offers flat fee discount realtor services. 

When you make the decision to sell your home you have unlimited choices and resources to choose from. The truth is the foundation of today’s real estate agencies use the same philosophy to sell your home as realtors did twenty years ago. Of course technology is ever expanding and all great real estate agents use new tools to help sell your utah home, but the main tool that maintains a realtors income is the MLS.

In all reality if you want to sell your southern utah home for the highest sales price, you should focus on three strategies.

First and foremost; 88% of the homes sold in Southern Utah, used the MLS to market their home. Multiple Listing Services such as FlexMLS (Saint George, Hurricane, Cedar City, Southern Utah) and Wasatch front MLS (Salt Lake and Surrounding areas) are only available when a home seller hires a real estate agent. Simply put if you want to sell your home and you do not use a realtor, you lose out on 88% of the home buyers who find a home on the MLS.

Once you have listed your home for sale on FlexMLS and it is placed in front of a homebuyer, you need to make sure your home is presented in a manner that homebuyers can visualize themselves living in your home. If the pictures are fuzzy, or the toilet set is open, or the sink is full of dishes; you have successfully killed the excitement of the buyer. The reason is simple. People dream and they don’t dream of doing the work associated with owning a home. If you are listing your home, make sure you present it to expand on family gatherings, BBQ’s and relaxing. The dishes can come after move in and the last pizza is delivered.

Lastly; Home value… The market is ever changing and the bottom line is home prices in St George Utah are all over the place. Some homes are on a half acre with views and in all reality they sit on a hill and the yard is not even big enough to put in a pool. Your home must be priced correctly. The only way to accurately price your home is to visit your competition or hire an agent who is familiar with the market. Simplicity can help get you into these homes to better price your own home. Basically this is a CMA on steroids.

In conclusion once you have the three crucial marketing strategies dialed in, you can focus on using Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Craigslist, Flyers, etc, etc, etc. But think about. How many listing agents find the buyer for your home??? They don’t the MLS does and the rest is up to you.

How Simplicity works. When you sell your home using a traditional realtor you typically pay a 6% commission. This commission goes directly to the Listing Agents Broker. Once your home is sold and closes the escrow company sends a check to both the buyers agent broker and to the listing agent’s broker you hired. The first question to ask yourself, is how much did I really pay each of these realtors. Let’s say you sold your home for $300,000. The listing agent will receive $9000 and the buyer's agent will receive $9000. This equates to $18,000 in commissions paid. I know that before I became an agent, my wife and I would stay up until midnight for weeks getting our home ready to sell and then when it came time to collect the check from title, the agent made more money than we did. It didn’t take us long to ask why are we paying a listing agent so much money. Hence, Simplicity was born. 

Our goal is to help you sell your home yourself while watching your back and making sure you go about it in a manner that will keep you out of potential trouble. Real Estate has a lot of pitfalls and we make sure you are aware of your options so you can make choices that comply with Utah Real Estate Laws. Basically, since we are local we get to sit down with you in person and you choose the level of service that fits your needs the best.

We serve St George Utah, Ivins Utah, Hurricane Utah, LaVerkin Utah, Enterprise Utah, Cedar City Utah, Little Valley, Washington Utah and all surrounding areas while providing you with Flat Fee and Discount Real Estate options.

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